Submarine Business Cards

This is the introduction page for the Submariner Business Card product category. There are two types of these cards, the difference between the two is the material on which each is printed.

One is produced on 14 pt. Gloss Coated paper stock, which is a heavy cover weight paper. The product is produced on a commercial multi-colored sheetfed printing press.The minimum order for this product is 250.

The second is produced on 20 mil white plastic. This is not credt card weight stock. The weight was chosen so you could carry several plastic submariner business cards in your wallet or pocket without being inconvenient or cumbersome. The product is produced on a multi-colored digital press. The minumum order for this product is 25.

Choose the product version you wish to order by clicking on the product image below or on the option button below the image. That will re-direct you to tha actual product page. There you will be able to insert the options necessary to allow is to customize your order.

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